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Second-hand Booklist

Arundel, Fisher Unwin, 1919r/p cheap ed. Faded £9
Arundel, Fisher Unwin, 1914 r/p, re-bound good £17.50
As We Are, Hogarth r/p, 1985, pbk, good £5
As We Were, Penguin 1938, first Penguin, spine slightly torn £10
As We Were, Blue Ribbon Books, New York, 1934 r/p fair £12.50
As We Were, Longmans, 1971 r/p, dust jacket, good £8.50
As We Were, Longmans, 1930, 3rd imp binding loose, otherwise good, £10
As We Were, Longmans, 1930 new imp 1st ed. good £12
As We Were, Hogarth r/p 1985, good ( 2 copies ) £5
An Autumn Sowing, Collins r/p 1920 good £9
Book of Months, Heinemann, 1909 r/p foxing £8
Book of Months, Heinemann, 1903, 1st excellent condition £15
The Challoners, Heinemann, 1904 first, some stains on binding, £15
Charlotte Bronte, Longmans, 1933 edition. good £10
Colin II, Leisure Library r/p faded, spine loose £9
Colin II, Leisure Library, r/p faded, spine broken, £6
Daisy’s Aunt, Nelson, 1910 first good £10
Daisy’s Aunt, Nelson, 1st 1910, spine slightly loose, £8.50
David of King’s, Hodder, nd 1926? first? Scratched spine torn at base £9.50
David of King’s, Hodder, nd 1st? Ex Libris good condition £12
Desirable Residences, OUP, 1991, ex-library £7.50
Desirable Residences, OUP, 1991, good, dust wrapper (2 copies) £12
Diversions Day by Day, written with Eustace Miles, Hurst & Blackett, 1905 1st good very rare book, Miles was EFB’s school friend. £50
Dodo, omnibus, Hogarth ed ( all 3 Dodo books ), 1986, good ( 3 copies ) £8
Dodo, Methuen, 1894 11th ed good £15
Dodo the Second, Hodder, nd first? Foxing stained cover £9
Dodo the Second, Hodder, nd first? Foxing, spine slightly loose £15
Freaks of Mayfair, Hogarth r/p, 1986, pbk, good £5
Freaks of Mayfair, Hogarth, r/p 1986, pbk, good £5
Freaks of Mayfair, T.N.Foulis, 1916, illus George Plank. good £15
Friends of the Rich, Old London Series, NY, Appleton, 1937 good £10
Heavenly Twins by Sarah Grand and Dodo by E.F.Benson, Warne 1901, £10
House of Defence, Nelson r/p good £8
House of Defence, Heinemann, 1907, 1st, binding mottled and spine torn at base £10
House of Defence, Nelson r/p nd binding loose, £5
How Fear Departed from the Long Gallery, EFB ghost story in My Best Story,
Faber, 1933, good £5
Janet, Old London Series, NY Appleton, 1937 good £10
Juggernaut, Heinemann, 1912, pop.ed. good £9
Limitations, Ward Lock, r/p good £15
Limitations, Innes, 1896 first good £20
Lovers & Friends, Benn. r/p 1930 good condition £6
Lucia in London, Black Swan, 1984, good 2 copies £4
Lucia in London, Magna Print, Large Print, ex lib £6
Lucia’s Progress, Heinemann, 1973, ex lib, fair £5
Luck of the Vails, Hogarth r/p 1986, good £7.50
Luck of the Vails, Herbert Jenkins, r/p cheaper ed. Good £8
Lucia in London, Heinemann, 1968 ex library copy, good £5
Mammon & Co., Heinemann 1899, 2nd imp. Fly leaf gone, good £15
Mammon & Co, Collins r/p pocket ed. binding loose £5
Mapp & Lucia, Harper & Row, 1984, slightly faded £3
Mapp & Lucia, Harper & Row, TV cover, 1986 slightly worn 2 copies, 1perfect £5
Mapp & Lucia, Black Swan, 1984, good £4
Mike, Cassell, pop.ed. 1927 good £12
Mike, Cassell, pop ed. 1927 spine torn at base £10
Miss Mapp, Hutchinson, r/p pre war good condition £25
Miss Mapp, Black Swan, 1984 good £4
Miss Mapp, Magna Print, Large Print, ex lib £6
Mr. Teddy, Lloyds, cheap ed. nd. Faded, spine broken £5
Mrs. Ames, Hogarth r/p 1984 pbk £5
Mrs. Ames, Hogarth r/p 1985 pbk signed as gift facing title page. Good £6
The Osbornes, Smith Elder, 1910 2nd imp. Binding loose, otherwise good £12
Outbreak of War 1914, Peter Davies, 1933 First. good £7.50
Paul, Heinemann, 1906, 1st rebound in green, spine torn at top. £20
Paying Guests, Hogarth r/p 1984 2 copies £5
Paying Guests, Hutchinson, 2nd imp. Binding loose, stains on cover. Old Boots Lib. ed. £12
Portrait of an English Nobleman, Appleton-Century, 1937 first good £10
Princess Sophia, Nelson cheap ed. nd fair £8
Princess Sophia, Nelson, cheap ed. Binding loose, £8
Queen Lucia, Black Swan, 1984, good £4
Queen Victoria, Longmans, 1938 r/p fair £17.50
Queen Victoria, Longmans, 1938 r/p, good £20
Queen Victoria, Longmans, 1936 r/p, slight foxing, spine slightly loose, £12
Queen Victoria, Longmans, 1935, 1st binding loose, spine torn, £8
A Reaping, Nelson cheap ed. nd.fair £8
A Reaping, Nelson r/p calf binding with art nouveau engraved design binding loose. £12
The Relentless City, Tauchnitz, bound slight split inside otherwise good £11
Robin Linnet, Hutchinson, pbk, foxing and fading, £10
Robin Linnet, Hutchinson, nd, r/p faded £15.50
Secret Lives, Hogarth r/p 1985 £5
Sheaves, Heinemann, 1908 r/p same year as published spine loose £9
Sheaves, Heinemann, 1908, 1st binding slightly loose £12
Sir Francis Drake, Bodley Head 1927, first binding loose, £10
Sir Francis Drake, Bodley Head, 1927, first good condition £18
Sir Francis Drake, Bodley Head, 1927 first, spine loose frayed £12
Sketches from Marlborough, Hermitage Books r/p 1992, orig 1888 good £8
Spook Stories, Hutchinson r/p good £10
The Tale of an Empty House, Black Swan 1986 pbk ghost stories £2.50
Thorley Weir, Nelson, cheap ed. Fair £8
The Unwanted, Old London Series, NY Appleton 1937 good £10

Benson Interest:-
A.C.Benson, The Life of Edward White Benson, sometime Archbishop of Canterbury
Macmillan, 1901, abridged in one vol. from original in two. Very small split on spine £12
A.C.Benson, Hugh: memoirs of a brother, Smith, Elder, 1915, 1st, good. £6
Holt, Tom, Lucia Triumphant, Macmillan 1986, inscribed and signed by author, slight fading, dust jacket. £20
Holt, Tom, Lucia Triumphant, Black Swan, 1987, Pbk, v g condition £10
Holt, Tom, Lucia Triumphant, Black Swan, r/p 1988, pbk, slight wear £5.50
Holt, Tom, Lucia in Wartime, Black Swan, first ed pbk, 1986, slight stains on cover £8
Masters, Brian,The Life of E.F.Benson, Chatto, 1991, good £10
Newsome, David, Edwardian Excursions, from the diaries of A.C.Benson 1894 – 1904,
Murray, 1981, good £8
Newsome, David, On the Edge of Paradise, biography of A C Benson
Murray: 1980. good and dust jacket £10
Reavell, Cynthia & Tony, E.F.Benson, Mr. Benson remembered in Rye, Martello, £5
Williams, David, Genesis & Exodus, Hamilton, 1979, £10
List as at 26.1.17

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Enclose an open cheque payable to the Society, but limited in writing between the crossed lines to the total amount allowing £2 per book for p&p to a maximum of £6. This is in case any of the books you have ordered have been already sold and then the cheque can be made out for a smaller sum.
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