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Account Rendered: Heinemann, 19111st good                                                      £9

Arundel: Fisher Unwing, 1914 r/p re-bound good                                                £8

Arundel: Fisher Unwin, 1919 r/p, spine split and faded,                                    £5

As We Are: Hogarth, 1985, 1986 r/p                                                                       £5

As We Were: Longmans, 1930, new impression, good                                        £12

As We Were: Penguin, 1938, spine damaged                                                         £10

An Autumn Sowing: Collins, 1917, 1920 r/p,                                                         £5

The Capsina: Methuen, 1899, 1st, illus Jacomb-Hood,

Part 2 of his Greek War of Independence novels good                                        £10

The Challoners: Heinemann, 1904, first old damp marks at base,                   £10

Daisy’s Aunt: Nelson, 1910, first marks on binding and spine,                         £10

David Blaize: Hodder, nd r/p, good                                                                        £10

David Blaize: Doran, 1916, 1st good                                                                        £12

David Blaize and the Blue Door: Hodder, nd 1918? spine frayed, good          £10

David Blaize and the Blue Door: Hodder, nd 1918? binding loose                    £8

David of King’s: Hodder, re-bound, good                                                                £8

David of King’s, Hodder, r/p nd foxing                                                                    £6

David of King’s, Hodder, nd, rebound and original facing foxing, good           £8

Dodo: Methuen, nd, bound in private binding with another book,                   £6

Dodo the Second: Hodder, nd 1914? binding damaged and faded                     £5

Dodo the Second: Hodder nd 1914? slight staining                                               £10

Final Edition: Longmans, 1940, 1st, re-bound good, ex library                          £5

Final Edition: Hogarth, 1988, pbk, good                                                                  £4

Freaks of Mayfair: Foulis, 1917 1st good                                                                  £12

Freaks of Mayfair: Hogarth Press, 1986 pbk, good                                                £5

The House of Defence: Nelson Classic r/p nd    good                                            £8

The House of Defence: Heinemann, 1907, first, damage to spine                      £10

The Inheritor: Hutchinson, third impression, 1930? good condition               £15

The Inheritor: Hutchinson, third impression, 1930? marks on binding          £12

King Edward VII: Longmans, 1933 1st good                                                           £10

The Life of Alcibiades: Benn, 1928, first, foxing, review copy                             £10

Limitations: Ward, Lock, nd r/p                                                                                £8

Lovers and Friends: Fisher Unwin, 1923 r/p                                                           £8

Lovers and Friends: Benn, 1930 r/p                                                                          £6

Lucia’s Progress: Heinemann, 1973 r/p                                                                   £8

Luck of the Vails: Hogarth, 1986, pbk fading                                                          £5

Luck of the Vails, Jenkins, nd                                                                                     £8

Mammon & Co.: Collins, r/p/nd binding loose,                                                     £5

Miss Mapp, Hutchinson, nd (1922?) 20th thousand, spine faded  (pre-war)  £25

Mrs. Ames: Hogarth, 1984, 1985 r/p, pbk, good                                                     £6

Our Family Affairs: Cassell, 1920, spine loose/split  pages good                        £10

Paul: Heinemann, 1906, first, spine a bit loose, good,                                          £10

Portrait of an English Nobleman: Vol 1 Old London,

Appleton Century, 1937,                                                                                               £5

Princess Sophia: Nelson, nd                                                                                        £5

Princess Sophia: Nelson r/p nd binding loose, inscribed H.W.Waterfield,

Temple Grove Cottage ( O.C.Waterfield was EFB’s headmaster at TG )           £2.50

Queen Lucia: Harper & Row, New York, 1987, pbk, good                                    £5

Queen Victoria: Longmans, 1938 r/p                                                                        £10

A Reaping: Nelson, nd                                                                                                  £5

Relentless City: Tauchnitz, 1903, library bound                                                     £8

Robin Linnet: Hutchinson, nd 1919? spine damaged, fading/foxing                £10

Robin Linnet: Hutchinson, pbk, faded r/p                                                               £5

Sheaves: Heinemann, 1908 spine torn,                                                                     £7

Six Common Things: Osgood, McIlvaine, 1894 1st good                                        £15

Spook Stories: Hutchinson, r/p  marks on binding                                                £10

Thorley Weir: Nelson, r/p                                                                                            £5

Told in the Dark: Pan, 1950, inc EFB’s The Thing in the Hall, good                  £1

The Valkyries: Fisher Unwin, 1903 pbk foxing                                                       £8

The Vintage: Methuen, 1898 1st illus Jacomb-Hood, good,

Part 1 of his Greek War of Independence novels                                                   £10

The Worshipful Lucia (Lucia’s Progress UK) : Harper & Row, New York, 1987

Benson Interest:-

From a College Window: A.C.Benson; Smith Elder, 1909 r/p                                   £5

Godliness & Good Learning: David Newsome, Murray, 1961. good.

Chapter on Martin Benson, the eldest child.                                                                   £8

E.F.Benson, Mr. Benson remembered in Rye, and the world of Tilling:

Cynthia & Tony Reavell, Martello, 1984                                                                           £5

Father of the Bensons: Geoffrey Palmer & Noel Lloyd, Lennard, 1998                     £8

The Temple of Death; the ghost stories of A.C. & R.H.Benson: Wordsworth, 2007    £5

Two Victorian Families: Betty Askwith, Chatto, 1971. 1st good, dust wrapper

First biography of the Bensons, and the other family is the Stracheys                      £10

Upton Letters: A.C.Benson; Smith Elder, 1911, r/p                                                        £3

As of 22.11.21

If you wish to purchase any of the books, please indicate choice and send to the Secretary of the E.F.Benson Society, The Old Coach House, High Street, Rye, Sussex. TN31 7JF ( 01797-223114 )
Enclose a cheque payable to the Society, allowing £1.50 per book for p&p to a maximum of £6.
You can also use PayPal to purchase from the Society using the Society’s e-mail: [email protected]  If you are outside the UK, do use this method for purchases. If you use this method, please advise the Society by e-mail of your purchases, your name and address, so that we can satisfy your order.
If you have any queries, please contact the Society as above or at [email protected]