Calendar 2022

1922 – 2022 – The Centenary of Miss Mapp

Miss Mapp was published in 1922, and this is her year, although she is still annoyed at being published after Queen Lucia.

Saturday, May 14th at 2pm – AGM

The Society’s Annual General Meeting will be held on the above date at 2pm at Tudor Rose Court, 35, Fann Street, London, EC2. After the AGM there will be a reading by Richard Crowest of Desirable Residences, a Miss Mapp short story by E.F.Benson. Tea will follow and the cost is £12.50/person. Booking through the Society, but only members can participate in the AGM.

Saturday, July 9th 

Miss Mapp’s Rye Day

The Society’s Rye Day will be held on the date above and will include a Buffet Lunch and Tea to held in Rye Parish Hall, Lion Street, Rye. It will begin 12.30pm for 1pm with the buffet lunch. After lunch we will walk round Rye looking at Miss Mapp’s special places, even if does, on occasions mean mentioning Lucia. We will end the walk at Lamb House, to see over dear Aunt Caroline’s home, bequeathed to Miss Mapp. Here we hope to have access to rooms not normally open to the public. During the walk Richard Crowest will be reading quotes as we go round the town. We will return to the Parish Hall for Tea and the Benson Quiz, which will, this year, be entirely devoted to Miss Mapp. Further details and costs will appear in members’ June Newsletter

Saturday, September 17th – Benson Day in Rye

The E.F.Benson Society & the Rye Arts Festival present the first ever Benson Day

The Society is delighted to be working with, and supporting, the Rye Arts Festival, in a special Benson Day. This is the first time when there will be series of four lectures and discussions about E.F.Benson, his family and times. The Society is sponsoring two very distinguished main speakers, Professor Simon Goldhill, of King’s College, Cambridge, and Professor Dominic Janes, of Keele University. Our Chair, Keith Cavers, and our Secretary, Allan Downend, will also be speaking. The event will be chaired by John Case, joint Director of the Rye Arts Festival.

This event is part of the Rye Arts Festival and tickets can be obtained from about July onwards through their website: Rye Arts Festival. Professors Goldhill and Janes, will be talking about aspects of the Benson family and E.F.Benson’s circle.

In the evening there will be Kate Garner and her band playing music from the 1920’s and 30’s. Full details later and booking is through the Festival. This will round off this very special day.

Monday, September 19th to Friday, September 23rd

(exc.Wednesday am) 10am – 4.30pm

An Exhibition about E.F.Benson, his life, work and time in Rye

The Society is holding an exhibition about E.F.Benson, his life, work, and time in Rye, together with the work of the Society over the last 37 years. It will be held in Rye Parish Hall, Lion Street, Rye. It is free entry. It was decided that as this was such a special year, we would hold an exhibition about E.F.Benson to follow the first joint Benson Day being held by the Society and Rye Arts Festival.